When you select a Role or Multiple Roles for a User, this gives them them access to the Home screens for the selected Role(s). The Home screen for different users was designed to help the person in that role have the information at hand for their particular position. Users can have as many Roles as desired.


  • The Salesperson Home Screen is generic and doesn't show any status' of designs or projects.  Selection of the Salesperson role allows you to select that user in the Projects Salesperson field. You can filter by Salesperson
  • Foreman : The Foreman role in a combination of all the roles listed after the Foreman selection. This user can see all the screens Sawyer through Driver would see
  • Foreman through Driver do not have access to the Module selections shown on the left - if your Foreman will fulfill additional roles where they need to access to the  other modules, such as the Design or Projects modules, select Manager or Designer as well.


However, its very important that your user be give Privileges or they won't be able to access the information much less make changes. Any changes to a User requires that the user log out and re log back on for them to take effect.

Select the checkbox Administrator assumes the user has access to all Roles and access to all Privileges. The only exception is the Salesperson role. If the Administrator user is also a Salesperson, check the Salesperson Role.

The Privileges with 'B' next to them are default for the Bookkeeper.

Selecting the Administrator check-box or Bookkeeper as a role will automatically give that user set privileges. Administrator has all privileges but you may still add additional images to the bookkeeper.