The unit of measure your items are purchased in determines your Tracking Level

  • Select or add your preferred Tracking Level: The default Tracking Level selected for an inventory item are commonly used purchasing levels but if you purchase that product using a different Unit of Measure,  you'll want change it to your preferred level before you use that item in a design or Project.
    •  For example: In the fastener category, EACH is a common default tracking level, but you may purchase that item by the BOX or CARTON or any other Unit of Measure. So that you don't have to calculate the EACH price when you buy it in a much larger quantity, set a new Unit of Measure in the Level B line and check the Tracking Level for Line B so it is your default. Now you'll see you can enter your cost and weights based on the new Tracking Level Unit of Measure.
    • Make sure you change your costs and weights to reflect your Tracking Level

  • The Level A line Unit Of Measure, is the unit of measure value used by Crate Pro 6 internally and is generally the smallest unit of measure for an item for use in a crate design. The Unit of Measure in Level A should not be changed but you will change the xx Per UM value to correctly tell Crate Pro 6 what percent of that item equals your selected Tracking Level Unit of Measure. 
    • Example: If you buy fasteners by BOX, you'll add BOX to the Level B Unit of Measure field. Change the Tracking Level to Level B. The make the 'Box per UM' = '1'
    • Your level A Per UM is EACH so its Per UM needs to show the percent that EACH is of your selected Tracking Level which is by BOX. In this case a fraction would be entered in the Level A Per UM field. 

Please look at this 2 minute video to visually explain changing tracking levels.