Companies on the perpetual license program have an opportunity each year to take advantage of a maintenance plan. While not required to use Crate Pro, it is strongly suggested. Companies on annual lease are considered to have active maintenance for the full term of the lease.

Operating system updates and hardware changes can make legacy programs obsolete,  nonfunctional and susceptible to corruption.  Updates to your utility software such as virus scanning software, can corrupt older applications and/or your business data.

A maintenance plan allows you to stay current. New features and benefits are planned based on your Feature Requests in the Forums. You and your staff can be part of making Crate Pro even better!

Your Crate Pro licenses include FileMaker licenses. The maintenance cost includes both Crate Pro and FileMaker fees. The annual cost of maintenance may fluctuate. All support fees subject to change without notice.

Major Maintenance Benefits:

  • Free Crate Pro 6 updates with new feature and fixes: Some features will only function on most current FileMaker version
  • Free new versions of Crate Pro software
  • Free updates to FileMaker software
  • Free new versions to FileMaker software
  • Free private sessions for upgrade support for FileMaker or Crate Pro when released*
  • Free private session support for training on some new features**
  • Free Support Portal ticket support
  • Ability for customization
  • Discounts for live session support after initial support period
  • Access to SketchUp 3D CAD images. If maintenance is allowed to expire, access to 3D images will no longer be available.
  • Free services
  • Discounts for Services
  • Keeping your Crate Pro and FileMaker software current will be the best way to avoid compatibility issues with new operating systems and hardware.

* Free upgrade to current version requires that you are upgrading from an Active version and not a deprecated or end of life version

** For 15 days after a new major release, portal members with active maintenance may book a free live private session to review features

Notes for legacy versions

  • Crate Pro 6.4xxx on FileMaker 13, FileMaker 14 and FileMaker 15 are active versions
  • Crate Pro 6.3xxx on FileMaker 14 and FileMaker 15 will be deprecated December, 2017 No additional activations or downloads as of February 1. 2017 
  • Crate Pro 6.3xxx on FileMaker 13 is deprecated August, 2017
  • Crate Pro 6.2xxx on FileMaker 13 is end-of-life
  • Crate Pro 6.2xxx on FileMaker 11 is end-of-life
  • Crate Pro 6.2xxx on FileMaker 9 is  end-of-life
  • Crate Pro 5 on FileMaker 6 is end-of-life: 
Versions at end-of-life are not eligible for live support sessions or call backs. Please use the self-help Solution articles and/or Forums.


Perpetual license plans for first 6 months after initial purchase and Lease license plans for the first year after initial purchase, include unlimited call back phone support , live sessions and ticket support as well as all benefits of Active Maintenance. Annual lease plans additionally offer the option to purchase an unlimited live support plan each year.


If you're not certain of your companies maintenance status, log in to your member portal account and view your Profile. 

Terms and Fees subject to change without notice (All funds shown USD$)

Active Maintenance Plan
 No Maintenance Plan

not eligible
Upgrades to new versions of Crate Pro and FileMaker
not eligible
Bug Fixes and In-version updates
not eligible
New Features to Main File (Add-on modules may be available at a future date for a fee. Add-on are not expected to be mainstream usage)
not eligible
Access to SketchUp 3D CAD images for all crate style templates
free free Ticket Support for Active Versions
$20 per issue
Ticket Support for Deprecated and End-Of Life versions  - single issue only - A ticket may remain open a maximum of 30 days. (Effective Jan 1, 2018)
free not eligible Data Migration/Update session support for Crate Pro or FileMaker software for companies on Crate Pro 6.4xxx or later.  To update Crate Pro AND FileMaker, schedule a 60 minute session. 

$75 Data Migration/Update session: for companies on Crate Pro 6.3xxx to your current eligible version. This does not include FileMaker update if eligible. 
$125 per hour
$125 per hour

Data Migration / Update session from Crate Pro 6 versions prior to 6.3045. (not all versions have upgrade path). Minimum 1 hour but based on age of version being migrated, could be up to 4 hours.
free not eligible Private online session new feature review for Crate Pro software: 30 minute private online session for review of new features released  in January / July update: - only for new features. Available for up to 30 days after release
 3 free / then $25 $50 Software Additional Download link  -  If FileMaker software and Crate Pro 6 software are required, request at the same time. Each new request will incur a fee. Links are valid for 48 hours. Some versions no longer available
$25 $120 License Key additional downloads  FileMaker and/or Crate Pro: Crate Pro 4xxx and later only. Will be sent to 'Primary'   support portal member
$75 $150 Lost Admin User Name or Password recovery: Note - Crate Pro 6.4xxx allows you to create a password hint. shown after 4 failed logins. This will require sending your file 
Live 60 minute Online Training or Configuration Sessions and/or Phone Support for active versions ( After initial free period)
Live 30 minute Online or Phone support for active versions. Recommended for single issue only. ( After initial free period)
$250 not eligible Primary contact name change on Activation Key file (company name , VAT and/or postal codes will not be changed). Licenses may not be transferred to another company
Fee Based on Request
not eligible
Custom development for new styles or custom exports from Crate Pro 6