The perpetual license program gives you the opportunity each year to take advantage of continuing an active maintenance plan. While not required to use Crate Pro, it is strongly suggested, not only for the benefits of receiving updates but for some features to function.

All support requests require that the requester have a free support portal account. The primary contact can request a portal account created simply by sending your full name and email address to

Major Active Maintenance Benefits:

  • Free Crate Pro 6 updates with new feature and fixes: 
  • Free new releases of Crate Pro software
  • Free Support Portal ticket support
  • Ability for customization: reports, styles, exports, etc (fee based)
  • Online scheduled support sessions: free 
  • Scheduled phone support: free
  • Ability to purchase additional computer(CAL) , concurrent connection licenses (DAL) and/or upgrade to client-server configuration if on peer-to-peer at discounted rates
  • Access to SketchUp 3D CAD images: active maintenance is required to download CAD images
  • Ability to export reports
  • If you're unable to understand a step for configuration or production, you may request a short video created to explain visually
  • Free live upgrade support: Requires that you are upgrading from an active version to an active version no more than 2 releases behind. End of life not eligible for upgrade support. Deprecated releases eligible for a fee.
  • Free Gold Sponsor advertisement on our sister site 

Release Status:

  • Crate Pro 6 r1807nn on FileMaker 16 (active) (FileMaker Server 18)
  • Crate Pro 6 r1712nn on FileMaker 16 (active)
  • Crate Pro 6 r1711nn on FileMaker 16 (end of life - All customers on this version eligible to update to 171218 till December 2019)
Crate Pro 6.4104 to 6.4138 on FileMaker 15 and FileMaker 16 (deprecated December 2019)
Crate Pro 6.4001 to 6.4100 on FileMaker 13 and FileMaker 14 end of life ( December 2019 )
Crate Pro 6.3046 to 6.3999 on FileMaker 14 and FileMaker 15 end of life (December, 2019 )
Crate Pro 6.3001 to 6.3045 on FileMaker 13 is end-of-life (December 2018)
Crate Pro 6.2xxx on FileMaker 11 is end-of-life (December 2017)
Crate Pro 6.1xxx on FileMaker 9 is  end-of-life (December 2016)
Crate Pro 5 on FileMaker 6 is end-of-life: (December 2015)
Versions at end-of-life are not eligible for live support sessions, call backs, ticket support or additional downloads. Please use the self-help Solution articles and/or Forums.


Terms and Fees subject to change without notice (All funds shown USD$). Discounts applied when you enter your code at booking.

Active Maintenance Plan / Lease Plan
 No Maintenance Plan
free  not eligibleUpgrades to new versions of Crate Pro
freenot eligibleBug Fixes and In-version updates
freenot eligibleNew Features to Main File (Custom Add-on modules may be available at a future date for a fee.)
freenot eligibleAccess to SketchUp 3D CAD images for all crate style templates
freeAt discretion of support team
Ticket Support for Active Releases(see above for applicable versions).  
freeAt discretion of support team
Ticket Support for Deprecated Releases (see above for applicable versions)
freefreeAccess to Forums
freefreeAccess to Manual, Solution Articles, Videos and Support Documentation on website

$100New or first time installation live session support. Only active releases eligible. (NO data transfer, you must have your software files, license keys for FileMaker, current activation file for Crate Pro)
freenot eligibleUpdate with data migration session. From releases 4138, 171215 to 180730 ONLY (does not include software or license replacement)
freenot eligibleUpdate with data migration session from release 180730 to 2008nn
1 free then $25 per link
$75Replacement software download: Cost based on each link. Must provide your FileMaker version and/or Crate Pro 6 release number (NO end-of-life releases)
1 free then $15$75Replacement Crate Pro 6 Activation file (No end-of-life releases)
Replacement FileMaker license key:  FileMaker 16 ONLY.  Specify  FileMaker Pro client or FileMaker Server.  (older versions not eligible)
$15$75Replacement FileMaker Certificate: FileMaker 18 ONLY; Server and Advanced use same certificate
freenot eligibleUpdated FileMaker Certificate: If FileMaker changes the certificate file - a new one is provided free
$100not eligibleLost  or Forgotten Admin User Name or Password recovery for Crate Pro 6.  Only for current release. Contact
Free$100*Live session 60 minute Online Training or Configuration Sessions and/or Phone Support for active versions and deprecated releases.

Live session 30 minute Phone support for active and deprecated releases only. 
$50not eligiblePrimary contact name change on Activation Key file. For purposes of forms within Crate Pro you may change your address in Preferences > Company tab. This does not change the license file. (company name , VAT and/or postal codes will not be changed). Licenses may not be transferred to another company. Contact for more information
Fee Based on Requestnot eligibleCustom development for new styles or custom exports from Crate Pro 6. Only available on current release.

$50*No refunds*
NO-SHOW POLICY FOR LIVE SESSION & PHONE SUPPORT:  While we understand emergencies occur, companies with two no-shows will be blocked from scheduling live sessions until a one time fee is paid to activate session  call scheduling. 

    *  Scheduled phone support and sessions can be rescheduled or cancelled up to 90 minutes in advance using the links provided in your confirmation and reminder emails. You will receive a confirmation that the session has been changed.

Customers without maintenance are not eligible for refunds and should only select to reschedule.

Before scheduling any session via the Calendar - CONFIRM THAT YOU HAVE AN ACTIVE OR DEPRECATED RELEASE.  End-of-life releases not eligible and no refunds are given.