All online support sessions, including phone support, needs to be scheduled to ensure time is set aside specifically for your company and staff.  

Please do not be a no-show. Your confirmation and reminder emails offer options to reschedule or cancel if you are unable to attend. You have up to 65 minutes in advance of your start time to make changes. (* see important information at bottom of article regarding no-show policy)

 Active support and maintenance customers will enter your company code at time of booking so the session is at no charge. Forgot?, your current code is located on your member PROFILE page. 

macOS users may need to set security settings in advance to be able to share your screen: macOS settings


URL: This is a link to join the online meeting. It does not automatically connect the audio. If you want to use your computers audio, click on the first circle in the meeting toolbar and select audio BY COMPUTER

CALL IN DETAILS: You may chose to use your phone for the audio. If this is for installation assistance on multiple computers or to transfer the host or server, please call in using a phone connection and not by using your computer audio. This will ensure you can still communicate and move to each device if needed. 

This link takes you to a local and international list of phone numbers. Call using ANY of the numbers you prefer, then enter the Conference ID: 500 554 260# to enter our teleconference line.


Support is available for active releases. Limited support is available for deprecated releases depending on the issue. Contact me at the email below before booking to ensure an online session will be beneficial.

 We are not able to support end-of-life releases on an online session or phone call. 


Please email for help or to check your companies support status

Click Here for a full list of releases and fees 



For sessions we use Join.Me screen sharing software (part of the Go To Meeting / Log Me In company).  If you open your link the a browser it may open to Go To Meeting webpage -- Click on JOIN in the upper right corner and then Join.Me 

Please download the Join.Me desktop app now.  We strongly recommend that you download and install the desktop application in advance. The desktop app is what will allow you to quickly share your screen and open the annotation tools. 

When using the desktop app, click on JOIN A MEETING and enter cratepro6 to be entered into your session.

Don't forget! macOS users may need to set security settings in advance to be able to share your screen: macOS settings

No Shows and Excessive Cancellations

When you schedule online support, that time is reserved with one of our staff member. That staff member is unable to turn around and provide online support for other members that may need it if you don't show.

Every confirmation and reminder email includes links that easily allow you to cancel or reschedule up to 65 minutes ahead of the start time. (When you reschedule or cancel confirm you receive a confirmation of the change or it did not process)

We understand emergencies happen so you may also email me at up to 30 minutes in advance of the session. Notifications less than 30 minutes will be considered a no-show. Multiple last minute notifications will reduce your ability to book sessions without prior approval.

 DO NOT CALL AND LEAVE A VOICE MAIL - Voicemails are not accepted as cancellation notification.

* Policy for no-shows, cancellations and reschedules:

Members with active support and maintenance plans are eligible for unlimited online support sessions and calls as one of the benefits. After two no-shows within a 6 month period, the person booking will no longer be able to schedule free online support for 60 days and a strike will be applied against the company account for this benefit.

There are no refunds or pro-rated refunds of any paid maintenance costs due to loss of this benefit. There are no refunds for paid support. No exceptions.

We reserve the right to block companies that schedule multiple sessions and then cancel or reschedule on the same day as the scheduled session if done in excess. This will be determined on a case by case basis.