The famous statement "a picture is worth a thousand words" attributed to Fred R. Barnard is certainly important when describing technical issues that could be caused by different operating systems and updates within those operating system, different versions of Crate Pro 6 as they relate to those operating systems AND especially, different utility software that is running in the computer experiencing the issue.

  Using screen captures or video to explain an issue are better than trying to describe the problem. Video is usually better if a series of actions causes the issue. A screen capture can be sufficient if you encounter an error message.

All operating systems offer a way to video or screen capture without the need to purchase additional programs. The included videos will provide a visual for the steps.

macOS X and macOS 11

Command + Shift + 5

Select the icon to 'Record Entire Screen' or 'Record Selected Portion' based on the situation. The 'Capture' options are for a single screen capture

The 'Options' menu offers sound, recording time and other choices. Please include sound and explain the issue as you record.

Select RECORD  - if a timer not set > click STOP in the menu bar

Your video will include a thumbnail in the bottom right corner > you can click on it to watch, trim it or share it.

 Windows 10

Gamebar is already part of the computer but this allows you to activate an easy to use program for video capture.