Configuration Quick Start Information (r4138, 1807##,1907##)

To get started quickly, not all modules need to be configured prior to getting benefit from using Crate Pro 6.  Depending on your goals for using the program, there will be settings that can be completely ignored.

However, the more you configure the program, the more accurate, easy to learn and efficient it will be.  After doing basic setup, be sure to continue to tweak your settings as you become more familiar with using Crate Pro 6. There are a lot of settings that will make your design and costing process easy, accurate and fast. Please schedule screen sharing sessions.

Remember that your first year support and ongoing maintenance allow you to schedule unlimited private virtual support.

QUICK START GUIDE    (updated 2023/01)  This covers the initial configuration steps in detail with screen shots. Note that the initial Inventory setup covers three primary tabs: Lumber, Plywood and Fasteners. User who learn setting your values in these three tabs will understand setting values in all other inventory tabs.

While this document will get key sections of Crate Pro 6 configured for your company, we suggest scheduling your online session to review your settings and additional settings to get the results you expect.

The CRATE PRO CONFIGURATION AND SETUP SECTION on the support portal provides articles with more information for configuration and basic design creation. Then continue to review LESSONS for specific information. 

Crate Pro 6 has settings which allow you to set initial plywood cut preferences. To understand how Crate Pro 6 determines these values, review the White Papers: White Papers / Technical Documents

Many videos in the solution articles are hosted on the Crate Pro Channel  on YouTube. Individual Playlists  have been created to help you locate the videos for your release.  Be sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified of new videos.

Crate Pro 6.r1712nn - r19nnn Training

<<<<<< Creating a Design Basics >>>>>>>

A > Basic Design Creation: Whether you've configured your settings, or not, this short video will go over the steps to create a crate design and print cut lists. If you prefer to read the article: Creating a New Design

B > Basics of Design: Adding Packing Materials.  Crate Pro 6 can automatically calculate your Wrapping, Padding and Floater Decks because you have supplied one dimension and it can determine the others to add these materials.  Crate Pro 6 also offers 5 Material Groups you can create just for Packing.  Everything else that applies directly to this design that can't be calculated by the program, can be added in this section (such as blocking & bracing, labels, etc..) If you prefer to read the article: Adding Packing Materials

This is pre-set for releases 1907nn and current.

IMPORTANT INITIAL SETTING CHANGE FOR USER OF RELEASE 1712NN AND 1807NN: Do this before adjusting any TIMES settings 

>Go to Preferences > Influences > Weight / Dimension / Quantity tabs

> Set all ranges except for Handling to zero

DO NOT DELETE THE SAMPLE DATA IN ANY MODULE UNTIL YOU HAVE ADDED YOUR OWN.  Example: Do not delete the sample design until you have added at least one design.