Welcome to Crate Pro 6!

Here are some short videos to get your program configured in the primary modules that affect your design process. I recommend that you set a session to review your settings and/or have us assist you in the configuration process.  These videos are on YouTube in the Crate Pro 6 Channel. 

Ensure you are using the training specifically for your Crate Pro 6 release.

These videos are in a particular order to assist with the fastest configuration.

1> Quick Set-up of the Inventory module (main video)

2> How to Select Preferred Style Templates (main video)

3> Setting your default Material Groupings and Rules based on the Style Templates you chose to use, create at least one Material Group which includes the CAP and BASE tabs)

4> Setting your markups and selling prices in Preferences

5> Set your company baseline settings in Preferences

6> Adding User Accounts

7> Getting Started with your First Crate Design  After setting your defaults, create your first design

BACKUPS! - Without FileMaker Server, backups are not automated. DO NOT use 3rd party backup software on the CRATE PRO WORKING folder. You will damage your database files: