On-Site Training is Available for USA customers.

Currently Deploy Tech Services is proud to be able to offer on-site training for crating companies wishing to get up and running fast and most efficiently with Crate Pro. This personalized training can train you and your staff to utilize Crate Pro most efficiently based on your company process. Crate Pro developer, Jeffrey Duck, has assisted with installation and training for many Crate Pro companies to help maximize their understanding and use of Crate Pro.

 Crate Pro has hundreds of settings designed to make your costing/quoting/design process fast, efficient and accurate. Working with you and your staff, Jeffrey can help quickly identify all the unique combination of settings that best fit your company.

 Training your staff to efficiently interact with the software programs they must use on a daily basis can improve output and productivity. Companies that invest in training programs to teach employees to use software correctly, see an increase in work flow which can translate into increased profits, employee satisfaction and greater customer retention.

 Without education and the proper tools, businesses can suffer and lead to frustration for everyone involved from the ground up. Employees with more confidence in their skills are better able to handle the variety of situations that may crop up. With a few clicks and scrolls, an administrative assistant can find the information a customer is looking for without locating a manager or foreman for assistance help - getting the customer on their way faster and reducing time wasted.

On-site training can be scheduled for two or more days depending on your company needs and fee is based on time and travel. Currently available for North America only.

 For more information on on-site training please create a technical Support ticket or email us at Support@CratePro.com

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Third Party Support is Available in Canada

Marcel Gauthier


Canada  905 448 5901 

Mobile number 647 234 3355