There is a conflict with a vendor printer plug-in. The vendor is working on determining a pattern. Please provide the following information to before you use the current work-around so we can send to the vendor.

  • Your operating system AND complete version
  • Your FileMaker version
  • Your Crate Pro version
  • Were there 3 plug-ins or just 2? The 3rd one would have been called 'Base Elements'
  • Anything unique about your computer? Like you're using an external hard drive, or your memory is low?

The work-around for this issue: 

  • Open FileMaker Pro -- not Crate Pro
  • Click on EDIT > Preferences > Plug Ins
  • Select to Reveal plug-in folder and delete BASE ELEMENTS

This should allow you to open Crate Pro normally. If you still get the error, delete the EMPOWER plug ins. There is the possibility that these printer plug-ins are conflicting with your operating system plug-ins. You will get a message when the first user opens Crate Pro that the plug-ins should be installed, ignore this message. After the vendor has determined the cause, we'll either update the plug-ins or remove he message if your O/S already has the correct plug-in.