Q: I set up an admin password into Crate Pro and I don't remember it.

A: Crate Pro 6 v4 offers a password hint that the user set up during installation. 

  • After clicking LOGIN 4x the hint will appear on the login screen\
  • Have another user login with Admin access or a user that has permission to access the User module login and reset your password

Crate Pro 6 v3xxx does not have a method to retrieve a password. Users must update to the most current eligible version. Crate Pro 6.3xxx will be deprecated as of August 31, 2017. Free updates are available until June 30th, 2017. Immediate Options:

  • Have another user that has access to the User module login, select the User with the forgotten password and click on Password reset
  • Update to Crate Pro 6.4xxx or latest eligible version

Crate Pro 6 v2xxx:

  • Reinstall Crate Pro 6- data migration not an option
  • Upgrade to the most current version of Crate Pro 6 with a maintenance plan

Secure your login and password information in a safe place, due to database security we do not have access to your database to retrieve passwords.

Depending on your company policy you may chose to give another trusted staff member full access to the User module while limiting access to other sections of your Crate Pro database This user can access user accounts and reset forgotten passwords. Keep this information in a safe location that you can access if needed.