Q: What is Closure Condition? What are the Differences?

A: The Closure Condition of a crate design helps your staff assemble the crate in a manner needed to load the content, or to leave the panels unassembled such as in the case of KD (Knock Down). The Closure Condition appears on the cut sheets.

Your selected Closure Condition also affect the applied fasteners. The fasteners in the Assembly Fastener field is calculated for all panels that will be Assembled and the fasteners in the Closure Fastener field will be calculated for all panels not assembled based on the Closure Condition.

Crate Pro 6 assumes that you or your staff will assemble the crate panels no matter what the selected closure condition is and account for the labor time to do so. If you want to reduce the calculated labor associated with assembling the panels not connected you can click on the 'Customer Will Close Crate' check-box on the Fastener tab in the design. This will not remove the fastener counts only the time associated with assembling the panels.

Click here to see visual which will show you Closure Conditions