This reply is not to explain exports, it is for 'custom' exports as needed for a specific purpose and is expected to be company specific. Custom export files are locked to the company purchasing the export.

Q: I need a Custom Export for a 3rd Party Systems. Such as my ERP or accounting system.

A: Custom exports are available as a fee based option for companies with maintenance and using the most current release. 

Crate Pro currently offers some default exports available from the Design, Projects and Reports modules which may provide all the data needed for your other application. However, some applications require specific data in a specific order be available for importing.

In release 180730 and older, some of the export options shown are for testing purposes and are not "turned on". In the next update these options will be available to companies with maintenance. Export formats are 'flat' file: CSV, TAB, XLSX, HTML, DBF, MER, XML

If you are interested in a custom export, please contact us at Initially I will need to know what information you're requesting and I will provide an estimate. *

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