Q: I need a Custom Export for a 3rd Party Systems. Such as my ERP or accounting system.

A: We can setup custom exports based on Crate Pro User privileges. Currently we cannot provide direct access to the Crate Pro data so exporting is the only option available.


Users can see all the fields that are available for exporting by performing a full export of Projects from the Projects module. You're able to export into many flat file formats but we suggest exporting in a format such as HTM or Excel at least once so you can see the field headers. A benefit of a custom export is that you can have the fields you want in the correct order for a fast import into your other system. Your custom export can pre-filter and set the correct field order.


When a custom export is setup, the export will occur when a User with the particular privilege performs an export. This controls who can perform an export. This user can override the custom feature and perform a standard export by holding down the Alt key when selecting to export.

Exports created outside of what is included with Crate Pro are fee based. These custom exports are only available to customers with an active maintenance plan using the most current release.





Some things to consider:


The number of records to be exported is important. Some customers may want to export every record, every time then use their other system(s) to filter out what's new. Others may want to export only data that's changed since the last export, and/or data that's in a particular state such as completed Projects.


Fields can be Text or Numeric. Numeric fields may include textual characters


FileMaker does not limit the number of decimal places of a numeric field however Crate Pro may limit the number of decimal places.


Text field lengths are not limited and may include Carriage Returns when not desired. Generally, CP will disallow CRs when they're not supposed to exist.


The current state of data must be considered when creating an export. Although it's highly stable, Crate Pro's final underlying format is subject to change therefor we are not publishing comprehensive field data.  For example, some fields may be populated with neutral data before it is used and becomes available when a new feature is added.