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Add quick way to update pricing of multiple selected designs

When pricing changes I need a quick way to update all the material and labor costs to the new pricing.

You can update prices, weights and times on all or a filtered list of designs using Bulk Refresh: 

  • In the Design module: Select SHOW ALL at the bottom of the window to ensure that you are not filtering any designs
  • Hover over the 'Lock' icon in a design:  select ALT + CLICK to bring up the Bulk Refresh window
  • The bulk refresh provides many option to be selective as to what designs you want to update.
  • Note: When a design is added to a Project, the prices, weights and times are automatically updated to your current prices,weights and times even if you haven't refreshed the design itself
When a design is added to a Project, the prices weights and times will update to your current settings even if you have not refreshed the design.

Feature added to builds 6.4136 and later

Bulk Refresh added to Build 4136

A bulk lock/unlock feature is being added

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