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Affected Changes from Crate Pro 5 to Crate Pro 6

There are some changes between Crate Pro 5 and Crate Pro 6 for users upgrading to be aware of. These improvements/ changes may affect your design process.

  • ID calculation (inside dimension): based on current published standards. The ID is calculated by the distance between the opposite panel. Base and top components are not considered in length or width ID.  Headers, load members , joists and gussets are not considered when calculating ID. 
  • Plywood splicing calculations require users to set preferences in Preference>>Settings tab.  Users can decide the minimum dimension of a spliced piece and decide to allow or not allow a plywood piece to be rotated when the dimension of the panel indicates that by rotating the material on the panel, the number of saw stops can be reduced, thereby reducing labor times.
  • Forms for creating postcards and promotional material has been removed. Based on surveys of existing customers, this feature was not used. Please create or add your vote to a feature request if you want this added
  • Style numbers have been revamped to follow an understandable format with room for the addition of common styles that follow published standards internationally. Styles are being added on a regular basis and can be found in the Image Gallery


  • Published standards and modifications to published standards equaling over 200 new styles added with new styles each update
  • TEXTURED images now added instead of just line drawings. Users can click on ALT + CLICK of style and see a textured image. Textured images can also appear on Reports and Quotes when desired
  • Image Gallery includes a textured image of each Style with 4 base options: plywood and skids; lumber and skids; plywood, skids and rub strips; lumber skids and rub strips
  • User do not need to select 4 different Style numbers to accommodate each base style. When creating the design users can check boxes to indicate the preferred base
  • Users can enter the Content Dimensions even when calculating by Inside Dimensions for Crate Pro to calculate loose fill or other interior packing
  • There are now FIVE Material Groups for each crate style family instead of two
  • Material Group can be renamed based on user preference
  • Style description can be changed based on users preference
  • Users can specify unique times when using equipment other than defaults: Additional equipment can be panel saws, cut-off saws, assembly methods and packing methods. This allows for more accurate labor calculations when designing crates
  • Crate Pro 6 calculates intelligent splicing:  Users set their panel splicing rules in Preferences
  • Users can now decide if panel-board rotation is acceptable. This allows Crate Pro to decide if by rotating a panel that there will be less saw stops needed. (Not yield management)
  • Users can set multiple undercut values
  • Crate Pro 6 offers ISM reporting with multiple indicators and tracking
  • Crate Pro 6 has Projects module which allows user to add multiple crate designs AND inventory items at different markup values.
  • Labor costs and billing are now broken out by process: Users can set cost and billing rates based on the role an employee has (precursor to time card feature)
  • Material costs are broken out by Category: Users can set material markups based on the group such as Lumber can have one markup and fasteners can have a separate markup. In addition, each unique item can have its own markup which will override the group markup.
  • You can set a markup for an item based on when it used in a crate design and a different markup when used as an item sold directly from Inventory: Such as when you sell a roll of bubble wrap or add a few 2x4x8's for blocking
  • Inventory items now have the ability to be entered based on the unit of measure purchased. So lumber costs can be updated based on board foot, plywood costs can be entered based on sheet or pallet or however purchased, fasteners can be each, box, carton or container and so on...
  • Material list reports can be exported into flat file formatsDetail reports can be printed or exported so show usage, usage plus waste factor and costs associated based on your setting

  • Individual staff members can have their own log in with a unique Home screen based on their role in the company. The Roles were developed through collaboration of commercial crating companies to maximize productivity of staff

  • Peer-to-Peer installations now offer backup options

  • Crate Pro 6 can now be accessed on local networks, remote networks, VPN, via the internet, and even through virtual server configurations.

  • A Maintenance program is now included for the first twelve months and has low cost renewal for both the FileMaker licenses and Crate Pro software

  • Crate Pro 6 and ongoing can be installed on MAC or Windows operating systems

  • User can create "Stock" designs and resuse them for any customer with updated pricing

  • Users can specify when an order is RUSH or HAZMAT

  • Crate Pro provides indicators to warn designer is a material is not marked as heat treated when heat treatment is required