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Templates not filtering in Crate Pro 6.171102 After Migration


In Design you select NEW to start a new crate design there is an option to click on 'Templates' at the top of the screen. The issue is that its not filtering to just your templates but showing all your created designs. If you know which design is the template you want to use you can select it from the list.

The duplicated template will have the template box checked so you can simply unlock the design and uncheck the Template box. This will update the prices, weights and times just as it does with any design you create., You can also make any other changes needed, such as entering the customer name, changing dims or adding internal materials.

As part of your initial training we suggest that for Preferred styles and templates that you change the Description field for easy ID. So in your list you'll see which are templates. But even if you didn't do that its not an issue because like many programs there are multiple methods to performing actions. You can use any of them. Here is another way to filter.

  • In the Design module at the bottom of the screen there is SHOW ALL - I always suggest clicking this button when you're going to filter for specific designs or styles. 
  • To the right of the SHOW ALL is a fast find box. Use the drop down and select LOCKED TEMPLATES then click on the magnifying glass to the right. Now you'll see only the templates. Select the one you need and you'll be able to tell CP6 if you want your prices, weights and times updated or retained

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This has been resolved in update 171215. All customers on build 171102 are eligible to update to build 171215.

New files eligible to download till January 15th, 2018. If a new download link is needed a fee may be incurred depending on your maintenance status.

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