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Add Project Quote Format option to Design Module


I would like to view the same quote style that is under project  print/email  but under design print/email.

Image attached, which is what we would like to print PDF from a new design created and send to our client. Is this something you can help us with?

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Best Regards,

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Hello -

At this time a 'formal' quote form will not be added to the Design module but there in future releases we are working on a more direct link to add created designs to an existing or new Project.

Reports are generated from data entered into Projects, not Designs.

The design module is to be used like Inventory. Think of the module as a folder that hold all your plans for building crates.

  • When you build a crate that has already been designed, you simply access that previously created design and can print the cut-lists AND even update the pricing, weight and times just by unlocking/locking the design. No need to create a new design if you already created it.
  • This is the primary reason we suggest entering a design description that will easily allow you to locate a previously created design
  • You can access all previously created designs directly from a Project. The drop down shows you the design description, the dimensions and the style.
  • When a previously created design is added to a Project, the prices, weights and times are updated automatically unless you have 'ice cream' pricing set on that design. If so, there will be an ice cream cone icon on the Project.

If you created a design that you want to make modifications to, there are two options:

  • Create a NEW design if your baseline preference settings are set up enough that the design will calculate quickly
  • Make a copy / Duplicate an existing design, and make changes to the duplicate. Change the design description so you don't confuse it with the original. This can be faster if in the original design you made modifications from your baseline preferences that you want to carry into the copy.

For most companies that set up baseline preferences, the complete creation of a design or duplicating and modifying an existing design should take no more than 5 minutes from beginning to end. If its taking longer, please contact with examples and your questions, or schedule a live session.

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