FileMaker Server 18 and FileMaker Advanced 18 Released for Pre-Install

August 2020 -

FileMaker Inc, now Claris, has modified the client software from FileMaker Pro to FileMaker Advanced with the release of version 18. 

FileMaker Advanced offers a large number of new developer options for companies using FileMaker database products for their own applications.  However, access to developer options also can allow a user to delete file code without even realizing it. This issue has made it so many parts of Crate Pro 6 had to be re-written to ensure accidents are unlikely to occur. This has created a significant delay in the updated release.  

Also, due to the significant differences between FIleMaker Pro and FileMaker Advanced client software, the updated release of Crate Pro 6 will only run on FileMaker Advanced. it will not be backwards compatible for FileMaker PRO products. Also, Crate Pro 6 releases valid for FileMaker Pro products will not run on FileMaker Advanced.  

At this time all companies eligible for the update should have downloaded the new FileMaker Advanced 18 client software and have their new license certificate file. A certificate file is required for Advanced products in place of a license key. FileMaker Advanced 18 can be installed alongside FIleMaker Pro 16 in preparation for the update. The installation instructions have changed due to the certificate file. 

Customers with FileMaker Server may chose to upgrade the server software at anytime. FileMaker Pro 16 client software is compatible with FileMaker Server 18. There are many changes in the appearance of Server 18, so please review the Installation Guide before making changes to your server.

As always - ensure you have a backup of your Crate Pro 6 files in a safe place before installing or changing your FileMaker software.