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Need a field to account for thickness for fasteners like Link Locks and Hinges...

    I realize there is a place to enter the information in PACKING/OTHER for shipping dims but this is easily missed when adding the fastener. If it were in inventory it could automatically account for it upon selection.

Would you provide more information?

Is the end goal to indicate how many inches/millimeters to the outside dimension of the crate when a particular fastener is used? 

Example: Look at the Collar field in Designs>>Other.

Actually now that I have thought about this a little more I realize that just having a thickness would not work as if you have more than one (say link lock) on the same plane it would keep increasing the thickness.

I  think now just having the ability in the Design/Packing/Other list to enter the increase in dims is good but it might be good to have some kind of reminder or something to make sure that I don't miss entering an outside dim increase.  Might be my age...but I forget...

This is a common way this is handled: It looks like you're already doing most of the steps but there might be some additional information.

  • In the Design module >>Packing>>Other add the fastener. 
  • Select the crate panel or location on the crate the fastener will be placed on: If you will use the fastener on multiple panels you may want to add each as a separate line item so the panel or placement designation appears on the cut sheets. (There will be a posting on what the Panel field letters signify). The letter designation will appear to the left of the item on the cuts sheets AND if you select  Cut List By Panel, the item will be listed under the specified panel.




  • You can add additional information such as exact placement or install method, etc. in the Description field. You do not need to keep the existing description unless you wish to
  • Enter the quantity based on one crate. If your design has multiple crates this quantity will be multiplied by that number.
  • Based on the fastener, you may now add a specific inch or mm increase in the 'Shipping dimension' that will be affected by adding this fastener. This increase will appear in the shipping dimension values on your cut lists and in the Wts and Dims tab of the design. So if the Width is increased by 1/2" you can add .5 to Width. 
  • Your cut lists will have the changed Shipping Dimensions for the adjusted fastener thickness
  • <<At this time for fasteners that have a Prep time and an Install time, only the Install time is being accounted for. By September 2015 update both times will be accounted for. So you may wish to manually add time when a fastener with Prep time is used>>.
  • Fasteners added on the Packing>>Other tab will appear in the cut lists even in the option to 'Exclude From Cut Lists' is selected in the Inventory module

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