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It would be helpful to be able to change the font Size or Color in the forms.

When I send my quotes I BOLD certain things like pricing or change the color in important info.

Is this a possible Feature?

I have attached a Sample...


Its now in Feature Requests. This isn't possible in the current version of FileMaker/Crate Pro, but we'll leave it as a feature request and we can check each time FM does an update. If this can be set as an option or if there's a way to modify the forms prior to print/send it can be added.


This feature has been added in the July 2017 release. 

The 'Format' option is located on the top of the window. It allows a full range of format options. 

An 'Unformat' button has been added onto each page of Preferences > Forms to allow you to remove the formatting. If you don't see the 'Unformat' button, its not suggested that you make changes on that form.

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