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Ability To Have Plywood Cut Sheet & selectable Lumber Cut Sheet

It would be so much easier for us as our Plywood Beam saw is in one end and the Lumber saws are all in different places in our facility. Because we have one guy cutting the plywood, and possibly 2-3 other guys cutting the wood for the exact same job with multiple crates. If we could make up a cut sheet and choose what we want to show on the sheet that would be a very good addition

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Are you saying you want a cut list for each process?

So a cut list just for panel saw and a separate cut list for lumber saw?  I can add that as a feature request. 

 Another thought - would this be helpful?

  • Right now when you create a design you can select the EQUIPMENT tab and change your default saws/packing method/ assembly method for that design. The values of the selected equipment and the specific equipment show on the Times tab and in the Managers Report but not on the cut lists

  • When a cut list is printed, you don't see that an alternate equipment has been selected >Would it be helpful if you select a different equipment from your default, that it be displayed on the cut list somewhere or in the notes for the material?

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