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ISPM Identifiers on Cut List

A related issue is ISPM identifiers... because the lumber has to be tracked and we need to have our cutters put the unique identifier numbers on our ISPM sheet.

it would also be a lot easier if there was a Box  next to the lumber being cut on the cut sheet so we could enter our identifier number for ISPM...or a way to have the identifier number that we have already listed in our inventory on Crate Pro be automatically entered if we choose to.

On the Cut Lists there is a 'Details' section at the end of each line that'll allow you to manually enter any additional information. This section can be used for any additional information you want to manually include. 

Many companies use this field for a variety of reasons not related to ISPM, so we would need more companies requesting that part of that field be designated to add an ISPM box.

This will stay open for companies to vote on this request.

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The above answer does not answer my question. You are assuming we have computers out in the shop...We don't. We have 3 users - 2 estimators and office admin.

The Forman does not have a computer. The shop gets cut & panel assembly sheets.

I can't have the identifier number entered on the cut sheet when it goes out as it is the cutters who are responsible to select and then enter the identifier number. So it would be easier then if there was a box so they could manually enter it so that we can in turn check that the proper identifier number is on the right type of wood

I'll add the SAWs as a feature request. That sounds like a good idea.

As for ISPM -- 

you enter your preferred Identifier, up to three uniques ones for each material  (can be a PO wood purchased on or what your company uses - not everyone uses the PO for the floor)
In Preferences>Setting you indicate where you account for the material being dedicated or used - It looks like CUTTING is what you would select?

IN the HOME screen for the Foreman and Sawyer - they need to mark which PO (identifier) they're pulling limber from. 

When a design reaches CUTTING status the PO that's currently marked is how the material is being applied. This should be the same as writing on the cut lists.


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